Cleaning Your Glass Top Stove

Cleaning Your Glass Top Stove

Glass top stoves add a sleek, modern appearance to the kitchen and are the easiest of cooktops to clean. While gas and electric coil stoves must be dismantled for a proper cleaning, glass cooking surfaces have no nooks and crannies for crumbs, grease and residue to settle in. The delicate nature of the glass surface does, however, pose its own unique challenges. Luckily, by cleaning regularly and with the right technique, a glass top stove can easily be kept looking its best.

1.     Daily Cleaning
The best tip we can offer is to clean the cooking surface after each use. Allowing spilled foods (or even boiled-over water) to remain on the glass surface for several heating cycles will bake the residue right into the glass (glass is porous and some foods will penetrate and even pit the glass resulting in permanent damage to the glass surface if left on it too long).

After cooking, once the stove is cool to the touch, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. If a damp cloth isn’t enough to do the trick, use cleaning agents only once the stove has completely cooled to room temperature. Applying anything to the cooktop surface while hot may result in permanent damage.

2.     Heavy Cleaning
For heavier cleanings, we recommend spraying the cooktop (again, ensure that it is at room temperature) with a multipurpose cleaner and using a non-scratch scouring pad to scrub at stains on the glass surface.

If the scouring pad doesn’t have enough muscle to do the trick, a flat razor blade may be used (specialty razor blades designed for glass cooking surfaces are available). Whenever cleaning glass with a blade, ensure the glass is flat and be careful to hold the blade at a very low, straight angle to the surface (around 10 degrees). Be very careful not to “catch an edge” or you may scratch the glass. Work the razor back and forth over any burnt on areas and it should take off any remaining surface residue. It is a good idea to keep the surface damp with your multipurpose cleaner to lubricate the razor edge and and help loosen any burnt-on residue. Keep in mind that stains, even those from water, that have been left on the stove for a significant period of time may not come off.

After cleaning with the razor, wipe any scraped off bits from the surface of the stove. Follow the multipurpose cleaner with a glass cleaner and clean glass cloth or paper towel to get a grease and streak free shine of the cooktop.

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