What is House Spouse?

House Spouse is a total home solutions company offering services that allow our clients to enjoy a better quality of life by giving them the free time to do what they love, rather than spending weekends doing chores around the house. We are experts at what we do and have designed a business model that allows us to provide the highest standard of service at a lower rate than competing options.

Why is House Spouse different?

House Spouse focuses on a core set of services that are most needed to take time pressure off of modern families and hard-working professionals. We are experts at what we do. We believe in giving both our clients and our team members an outstanding experience every single day. We don’t believe in gimmicks or contracts or specially customized quotes that must be performed in person. Our cost structure is the most competitive in the industry and it is available right here on our website for all to see, without the need for a phone call, email or in-person quote.

What is the difference between House Spouse and a cleaning lady?

House Spouse is a professional service providing highly trained team members. We carefully screen our workers in terms of experience, skills, and personality to ensure that they consistently meet the high-quality standards of our company. We are fully bonded and insured to protect our clients against damage or loss.

What is your 100% guarantee?

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, call or email us within 24 hours of the service being performed and we will make it right by returning to your home and re-servicing the area where we failed to exceed your expectations free of charge and as soon as possible.

Do you offer gift certificates?

We love it when people want to share our services with others. Gift certificates are available by calling 480-834-2905.


Who will come to my house?

A trustworthy, highly trained team member will come to service your home. You will be scheduled with the same team member on a regular basis. We perform background checks on all new hires.

How many team members will come to my house?

House Spouse has both single-member cleaners, as well as small teams to provide service for your home.  If you have a preference for one or the other, simply let us know.

If I sign up for regular service, will the same person come every week?

We make every effort to ensure that you will know the team member(s) servicing your home. If circumstances require a staff member who has not provided service to your home in the past to complete a visit, we will inform you as soon as possible.


How do I know I can trust House Spouse?

House Spouse is a professional service provider registered with the State of Arizona. We are locally owned and operated, fully insured and bonded. Each of our team members undergoes a thorough interview process prior to employment with House Spouse. All of our team members are also expertly trained – including maintaining the security of your home.

Do I have to give you a key?

No, while many customers provide a key, others chose to use a lockbox, entry code on the front door or garage, or simply invite us in personally.

Is my key safe?

Yes, there are multiple safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the house key in which you have entrusted us. Each key is serialized without any reference to your name or home address. Keys are kept locked in a safe in a discrete location when not in use. Keys are checked out by the service provider on the day of service and must be checked back in by the end of the service day.

What if I accidentally lock the maid out?

Your appointment time has been set aside for you. Our staff has forgone other opportunities to provide service to your home. While we understand that mistakes happen, if a lockout causes us to miss your service window, you will be charged a fee of $50.

What should I do with my alarm?

We recommend either leaving the alarm off on your service day or providing us with a guest access code that is activated and deactivated on each service day.


What are your rates?

Our rates are standard for all of our customers and based on either the service provided or square feet of the home. We believe in a simple, transparent quoting process rather than complicated formulas or gimmicks to get the client to sign a contract or sign up for more than they need. Our rates for our standard products are posted right here on our website here. For custom concierge solutions, please contact info@housespouse.com for a quote.

How do I get a quote?

Quoting services with House Spouse is the easiest in the industry. Simply visit our online quoting tool here. Play around with different options until you find what fits your budget, and give us a call to schedule service – it is that simple!

How much cleaning time is included with my quote?

Our quotes for house cleaning services are based on the estimated amount of time it will take one of our expertly trained team members to clean your home. If your home requires extra attention beyond the quoted time frame, we can either pick up where we left off at the next visit or provide additional cleaning time for a fee of $38 per labor hour. The time allowed for each service is up to:
  • Homes below 1,500 square feet: 3 labor hours
  • Homes between 1,501 and 2,000 square feet: 3.5 labor hours
  • Homes between 2,001 and 2,500 square feet: 4 labor hours
  • Homes between 2,501 and 3,000 square feet: 4.5 labor hours
  • Homes between 3,001 and 3,500 square feet: 5 labor hours
  • Homes between 3,501 and 4,000 square feet: 5.5 labor hours
  • Homes between 4,001 and 4,500 square feet: 6 labor hours
  • Homes between 4,501 and 5,000 square feet: 6.5 labor hours

How do I pay?

Most of our customers pay by credit card. At the first visit, a credit card is entered into our secure billing system and then charged at the conclusion of each service. Arrangements can be made to pay by check, but payment is due at the time of service and a credit card is required to be on file.


How often do you clean?

Most of our customers select bi-weekly (every other week) service. We also offer weekly, and monthly service.

Do I have to be home during the service?

No. In fact, most of our clients prefer not to be home listening to our vacuum cleaners run and enjoy the pleasant surprise of coming home to a fresh clean house.

What if I need to reschedule?

No problem, please keep in mind that we do have a 48-hour cancellation/rescheduling policy. Due to the personal nature of our service, a new appointment time is pending the availability of your staff member.

What if my regular cleaning falls on a holiday?

Our scheduling staff will call you well in advance of the holiday to reschedule. We will do our best to find a day and time that most accommodates your schedule.


Do you bring your own supplies and equipment?

Yes. House Spouse staff members bring all of their own tools, cleaning solutions and equipment.

What if I want you to use a particular cleaner?

For the safety of our staff, we prefer to use our own cleaning supplies. However, if you would prefer we use a particular cleaning agent, please advise your House Spouse and provide that product to them. Cleaners provided by the client must be supplied in their original container with the original labeling intact and legible for safety reasons. We are unable to use bleach for insurance purposes.

Are you cleaning supplies “green”?

Yes. House Spouse utilizes a green cleaning methodology that has been customized for the way we clean. Wherever possible, we use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies. At times, a particular application will require a harsher cleaning agent (such as a disinfectant) to provide the healthiest environment for our clients and their families.

Are you cleaning supplies and equipment sanitary?

Yes! All cleaning supplies used to clean your home are either new or sanitized.

Will my home smell like bleach or cleaners after a cleaning service?

No! House Spouse uses environmentally friendly cleaning products that are specially designed to have a low odor (while still effectively sanitizing and cleaning your home). At the conclusion of your cleaning, your home will smell fresh and clean, but not like chemicals and bleach.

How do I prepare my home for service?

For our staff members to be able to complete your service in the time allotted, it is important that the home is picked up and uncluttered. If a room is not ready to be cleaned, please leave a note for your House Spouse and close the door to that room, if possible.

What about my valuables?

Please inform us of any valuable or irreplaceable items prior to service so that we can plan with you on how to deal with those items. Should an accident occur, House Spouse is bonded and insured.

What about my kids?

House Spouse uses cleaning agents and tools that may be dangerous to children and those not trained in their use. For their safety, children must be supervised by an adult and kept out of the work area if they are home during service.

What about my pets?

We love pets, as long as they love us too! It is best to have pets kept out of the service area while we are at the home so that we can focus on providing you with the best service possible.

Do you clean under furniture?

We do everything we can to provide as thorough a cleaning as possible. For safety reasons and to protect your belongings, our staff members are not permitted to move objects weighing more than 40 pounds.

Do you clean silk plants?

Our goal is to clean your home as thoroughly as possible for the lowest possible price. Because silk plants take a significant amount of time to clean, they are not part of our regular cleaning service. If you would like your silk plants cleaned, we are happy to do so at our standard hourly rate.

How long will it take my carpet to dry?

The amount of time it will take your carpet to dry depends on the type of carpet and fiber that is cleaned. Typically carpets are dry to the touch in 4 to 6 hours.

What if something is broken?

At House Spouse, we do everything possible to ensure that our services are rendered without damage to your home or belongings and reports of damage by our clients are very rare. Of course, normal wear and tear takes place regardless of who is providing service, and certain objects are more prone to accidental damage than others (of which, we will do our best to disclose during our initial walkthrough). If you believe that a staff member has caused damage to your home or objects within it, please notify us within 48 hours of the service. We will repair, replace or provide compensation for damages incurred outside of those expected in the course of routine cleaning.

If there is a problem, who do I call?

If there is a problem with your service requiring immediate attention, please call our office at 480-834-2905. For less urgent issues you may also email us at info@housespouse.com for a reply within one business day.

How can I thank you?

Our goal is to make our clients happy by making their lives easier. We love to hear when clients appreciate our service. The best compliments that we can receive are referrals and positive comments on social media sites such as Google and Yelp.
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