November is here! House Spouse shares tips to keep your house sparkling through the holiday season

November is here! House Spouse shares tips to keep your house sparkling through the holiday season

November! That means it’s almost time for the holidays!

And this is when you want to give thanks for your professional house cleaners.  You already know how much you depend upon them to help get your house sparkling for holiday guests and visitors.

Did you also know there are other tasks where we can help? Just give us sufficient notice for advance scheduling and we can help with tasks like cleaning out your fridge or freezer to make room for all the special foods, desserts – and dishes (both the cooked and fine china kind).

That big job completed will make it so much easier when you’re wondering where to put Thanksgiving’s leftovers (and if both fridge and freezer are straightened up, you might have room enough for storage options).

With notice, House Spouse also can help you with straightening kitchen cabinets. That way you know all the tools you’re going to want for holiday dinners and get-togethers are ready to use and right where you need them

Because you took time earlier in October to review your decorations and other holiday goods, you’re ready to clear away the witches and goblins and bring out your Thanksgiving leaves, flowers, garlands (okay – turkeys and Pilgrims, too, if you’re so inclined).

Point is, you’re set to sweep up, straighten and replace tabletop and mantle decorations with ease (see how good planning and organizing helps?). This – coupled with that big help in straightening up the fridge and kitchen cabinets – is going to give your confidence a big boost as the holidays come along.

While you’re getting set, this is also a good time to check your guest bedroom and bathroom. (Why the bedroom?  Well, if you’re having guests stay over for Thanksgiving, this is a given. And even if you’re not, you’re likely to find that room (or one similar) will be useful for coat/jacket/purse storage for guests.)

Take along a little note pad, so you’ll be able to give your professional house cleaners some guidance should anything strike you as needing special attention in either of those rooms.

Definitely plan to check bed and bath linens to be certain they’re as fresh and don’t forget the shower curtain!

Take a couple of minutes, too, to check on bathroom supplies.  This is not the season to “run low” on any kind of tissue, especially with guests visiting.

While you’re planning ahead, don’t forget to review your pantry and freezer shelves.

Whether you’re entertaining a lot or a little over the holidays, you want to know that your food storage areas have enough flexibility and space to handle all those additional ingredients and packaged goods you’ll be using through the holiday season.

Don’t forget to also check your supply of storage containers, paper and foil, so you feel well prepared for both party planning and clean up.

With this level of planning and preparation (and that important help from the professionals), you’ll be set to sail through the holiday season with ease.

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