“I had trouble finding a cleaning service. I searched for cleaning companies using google and either nobody would answer the phone or I couldn’t get a quote without having an estimator come to my home. Then I found House Spouse. I didn’t even have to talk to anybody to get a quote, I just played around with different service combinations on their website until I found the perfect fit for my budget. When my gal came for the first service, it was more than I ever would have imagined. I was impressed by how clean my house was at the end of the service and I was blown away when I walked into the kitchen and discovered she left me a thank you card.”

-Mary Ann in Tempe

“My pool is absolutely sparkling. I called House Spouse to inquire about having my home cleaned. When I learned that they could both make my home and my pool shine, I decided to give them a shot. It is so nice to no longer have to worry about having a clean house or a clean pool and to pay for both services what most of my friends pay for just cleaning!”

-Carson in Scottsdale

“House Spouse did a truly fantastic job! My home is cleaner than I ever thought it could be. I was really happy when the owner showed up to introduce me to the person who would be providing my service.”

-Bev in Ahwatukee

“I was advised that hiring someone to help with house cleaning is cheaper than marriage counseling. So it feels totally appropriate that this business is named House Spouse. It’s easy to schedule service, the cleaners show great attention to detail, and the gentleman who runs the ship goes out of his way to make sure that we are satisfied with the work. How nice it is to not clean my own toilet! What a reasonably priced luxury! What more can you ask for?”

-Sage in Phoenix

“As a young professional that doesn’t want to spend anytime dealing with my pool or cleaning my house, this service is the best. Paying one bill for multiple services is so convenient. Their customer service is a step above – my experience has been top notch.”

-Jeff in Paradise Valley

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