House Spouse tips for home organizing and preparing your for the fall season in AZ

House Spouse tips for home organizing and preparing your for the fall season in AZ

One of the tricks to a neat-looking home is to be able to make it look tidy – that is, with clear surfaces, straightened shelves and floors that don’t require wending a path to navigate. Doesn’t matter how “clean” your home is, if the clutter hides the polished shelves and shiny floors to the point you can’t see them.

Busy school and work lives often leave little time to stay organized.  So, how do you do it?  (We hate the answer, too. But we have to admit that it works, and really works well.) You need to keep organizing.

If you haven’t yet put an extra-large calendar reserved for school and school events somewhere near your kitchen or back door, this is the time to do it. Yes, there are plenty of electronic calendars, but a full visual calendar is one that everyone in the family can see and use.

(Why?  Because once you know what’s ahead this month, you’ll know at least some of the things you’ll need to be organized for. Plus, you’ll know when all the school games are played and when school lets out for various holidays. Plan, plan, plan!)

You’re going to want a few more boxes or trays, preferably with some kind of lids or covers. Here’s the deal: each school-aged kiddo gets at least one additional box or basket or tray. The first box is where homework stuff goes.

If you have space for another box or basket for each student (and for you, too), it can be marked for completed papers, returned papers – or larger school projects. Keep these boxes/trays/baskets within or near the homework/craft areas.

Trust us, this will help you stay organized and keep your house cleaner and tidier.

Preparing for seasonal changes in Arizona

Now that you’re feeling more completely organized, let’s do a quick review of what else you’re going to want to pay attention to this month before winter flies in.

While our winters aren’t likely to bring blizzards, we get our share of wet and chilly weather.  Fall is a good time to check your roof and gutters, clean out any debris and check the seals around vent pipes and chimneys.

While you’re checking seals, check your doors and windows, too, to make sure your weather stripping is intact.

If you have a fireplace, schedule a check for your chimney.  Think about adding a chimney cap if you don’t already have one – it helps keep small critters like birds or neighboring cats out, and hot embers inside.

While you’re out, also check the patio furniture.  Some items you’ll want to store for next summer, some you’ll want to clean up to stay on through cooler weather.

You’ll also likely want to assess your windows.  September’s a great time to get the exterior windows cleaned – pick a day that’s sunny and not too warm or windy. (Yes, House Spouse does windows. It falls under our Concierge Services.)

Back inside, your bedrooms are the next stop.  Check on the family’s collection of blankets and bed covers, wash any that seem to be musty-smelling.

While you’re in the bedroom, check the mattress pad and all other bed coverings.  And, yes – launder any that seem to need freshened.

Before you’re set for your regular housecleaners, make one more check to be sure your furnace is in good working order, and that you have furnace filters on hand.

And now, you’re not just ready for autumn – you’re ready for your housecleaning pros to help make your home really shine this season.  And remember, House Spouse is available for any and all of your cleaning needs, as well as any extra tasks that need expert assistance (like the windows, or clearing out the garage).

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