Windows & Mirrors – Tips for a Streak Free Shine

Windows & Mirrors – Tips for a Streak Free Shine

It always seems to start off with the best of intentions and ends with disappointing results. As you walk past a window smudged with nose prints from the dog or a mirror with water spots from the bathroom sink you grab some Windex for a quick clean. The result is typically no more nose prints or spots, but streaks galore! The good news is that carefully choosing a cleaner, cloth and wiping method can deliver crystal clear results with little to no added effort.

  1. The Cleaner: When cleaning any glass surface, be sure to choose a cleaner designed for use on glass. Not doing so can leave an oily residue on the surface that is difficult to remove. Many glass cleaners use ammonia as it evaporates and helps to reduce streaking, which yields good results if the proper methodology is used. More environmentally friendly alternatives are available and can be equally as effective. For example, House Spouse uses a green certified non-ammoniated glass cleaner whenever we clean windows and mirrors.
  2. The Cloth: It is important to use a cloth that will absorb excess cleaning solution, dirt and grime without smearing it around on the glass. At House Spouse, we prefer a microfiber cloth with a very tight weave. They are specially designed for cleaning glass and can be laundered over and over to save on waste from using paper towels. Microfiber glass cleaning cloths can be found at a janitorial supply store.
  3. The Wipe: The actual cleaning technique is perhaps the most important part of obtaining a streak free shine. It is a three step process. First, spritz the mirror with cleaner. Spray enough to loosen dirt and grime on the surface, but not so much that your cloth cannot pick up all of the moisture. Be sure to adjust the spray nozzle to a mist, rather than the stream setting. Second, wipe the glass with your cloth. Third, wipe the glass with a second, dry cloth another time (or fold your cloth prior to wiping the first time and use the dry side). By wiping the glass twice, you pick up any residual moisture, dirt and grime leaving you with a streak free shine!

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