Tips from House Spouse for a Quick Spring Cleaning

Tips from House Spouse for a Quick Spring Cleaning

House Spouse Spring Cleaning
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Ahhhh, spring! 

Maybe it’s because the spring breeze seems so sweet, or the sunshine so bright it’s possible to see the dust in the corners of the family room.

Maybe we recall our moms or grandmothers scrubbing down the walls and taking the mattresses outside for a good airing in the spring sunshine.

But you don’t need to scrub the walls to give your home a little sparkle to help welcome spring. Here are a few quick tips that will help:

First, clean areas that guests will see as they come into your house. 

Straighten up the entry.  Put away any stray jackets and sweaters.  This might be the time to think about adding a few more hooks, a shelf or a small cabinet to store keys and other small items.

As you walk into the house, pick up the clutter.  You can simply stack things by size, drop them into a mid-to-large-size basket or even grab a couple of baskets or bags and deliver things to the room they belong in.

In the kitchen, put any stray dishes, glasses or cups away – or, into the dishwasher.

Clean the bathroom – quickly.  You can throw some cleaner into the toilet, run a paper towel over the countertops and rinse the sink out thoroughly.  Then, grab a clean cloth or paper towel and clean off the mirror.

Before friends arrive, add a nice scent with a fragrant candle, a spritz of air freshener or a reed diffuser.  If the house has a pleasant smell, it will feel cleaner.

For a more polished look that will last more than a day, professional cleaning weekly or monthly will keep your home guest ready. 

Services like House Spouse allow you to customize professional services to meet your family’s needs.  Even better – House Spouse uses environmentally safe and friendly products, good for your home and good for your family’s well-being, too.

PS – If you really insist, our team at House Spouse will scrub the walls, too.

House Spouse is a Phoenix-based cleaning service that provides ongoing maid service, custom concierge services, carpet and tile cleaning, rental-property cleaning and more. Visit us at, call us at (480) 834-2905 or email us at

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