Pools are made for enjoyment, not work. House Spouse pool service can help you to take the hassle out of owning a pool by providing weekly service to keep your pool at its best and ready for maximum enjoyment.


With our full service pool cleaning package, there is no more buying and storing chemicals, no more sweeping the sides of the pool, backwashing the filter or playing chemist with a water test kit. We will take care of everything for you, once a week, every week, guaranteed.

Included with our weekly full service pool care package:

  • Weekly service, every week, guaranteed
  • All standard chemicals included
  • Brush pool walls, steps and floor
  • Empty all skimmer baskets
  • Empty pump basket
  • Skim pool surface
  • Vacuum pool as needed
  • Backwash/clean filters as needed
  • Test water chemistry
  • Adjust water chemistry by adding chemicals as needed
  • Stock chlorine for the week
  • Assess performance of auto-clean and filter system
  • Email notification at conclusion of each service

House Spouse is able to offer the lowest prices and best service in the industry because we focus on what we do so that we may do it extremely well. As such, we offer full service weekly pool care. At each visit the health of your pool system is assessed, and if additional repairs or maintenance are necessary, our trained team member will immediately inform you of the noted issue and, if requested, help you to obtain service from one of our trusted partners.

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