Keeping Your Fridge Fit for Human Consumption

Keeping Your Fridge Fit for Human Consumption

The refrigerator is the workhorse of the kitchen – always keeping our food and drinks fresh, cold and ready to consume. Have you looked in yours lately? Not just opened the door for a quick snack, but really looked inside? Are there dried juices on the shelf from last weeks steak? Leftovers from the casserole you made months ago lingering in the back? Vegetables in the drawer that no longer look like a vegetable? If so, it’s time for a cleaning.

At House Spouse, we like our fridges clean and for them to stay that way not just for aesthetics, but for the health of our families as well. Here you will find some tips for a good fridge cleanout and easy steps to keep the fridge looking its best.

1. Cleaning the Outside of the Fridge

  • Take all of the junk stashed on the top and thoroughly clean the outside of the fridge. If it hasn’t been done for awhile, there likely is a lot of dust clinging to the surface with a lot of grease. Use a kitchen degreaser/cleaner and scrub away. You will be amazed at how the appliance will come out like new!
  • Wipe down the sides of the fridge for fingerprints and dust.
  • Use a multi-purpose cleaner to sanitize and wipe down the handles of the fridge – they are a magnet for germs!
  • Wipe down (and polish if necessary) the doors of the appliance.
  • Clean the air vent. If it is very dirty, it can be removed and taken to the sink for a really deep cleaning.

2. Cleaning the Inside of the Fridge

  • Take out all of the food and set it on the counter or floor.
  • Remove all shelves and drawers.
  • Wipe down all surfaces inside of the fridge.
  • Replace the shelves and drawers from the top down. Clean each one thoroughly as you put them back in the fridge with a sanitizer/multipurpose cleaner.

3. Keep it Fresh!

  • Wipe down the top, sides and front of the fridge each time you clean.
  • Clean out expired food each week on garbage day. Wipe down any spills inside of the fridge as you do so.
  • Put a box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb odors. Change every couple of months to keep the leftover Chinese take-out at bay.
  • Never leave the fridge unplugged/turned off with the door shut – this will cause odors that have been absorbed into the walls of the fridge to become overpowering.

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