How HouseSpouse can make your life stress-free

Our goal here at HouseSpouse is to take care of the household chores that keep you from relaxing in your home and enjoying time with your friends and family.

House cleaning services are at the heart of our business, but HouseSpouse can take care of your home, pool, carpets, tile and even personal errands through our concierge service. Imagine coming home Friday night after a long week to a sparkling clean house, laundry washed and put away, the groceries purchased and neatly lined up in your pantry, and the package to Great Aunt Bertha wrapped, packaged and mailed.

Now, kick off your shoes, grab a drink of your choice and settle down to enjoy your weekend knowing everything’s handled. Here’s a brief summary of all the services we can do for you:

House cleaning:

Our services are all inclusive meaning we bring with us everything from brooms to cleaning materials so you don’t need to supply anything to get the job done. We use green cleaning supplies to keep dangerous chemicals out of your home. Our prices are listed clearly on the Web site, so no haggling over how much it will cost for the first cleaning, and no long-term contracts to stress over.

Floor cleaning:

HouseSpouse has more than two decades experience in cleaning carpets and tiles. We know that quality care of flooring keeps your home cleaner and healthier and helps extend the life and quality of your tiles and carpets. We use the most environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions available combined with a hot water extraction process to keep your flooring in perfect condition.

Personal concierge:

Tired of rushing around on your 30-minute lunch break trying to get all your errands done while scarfing down your lunch at your desk? Just leave it to HouseSpouse and we can take care of dry cleaning, errands, pet care and even helping you organize your closets. We take care of the pesky tasks that eat up your free time and leave you feeling stressed.

Call us today at 480-834-2905 or click here for an instant quote.

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