Cleaning Your Flat Panel Television

Cleaning Your Flat Panel Television

As technology has evolved, the way we clean it necessarily has as well. Cleaning an old CRT television was simple – just wipe the glass with a soft cloth. Newer flat panel televisions have much more complex screens that can be made out of glass or plastic and often have some very special anti-glare and anti-smudge coatings. It is important to care for flat panel television screens correctly to keep from scratching them or damaging the special coatings or the screen itself.

First, lets start with the “DONT’S”:

  • Never spray anything directly onto the screen. Whenever something is to be applied to the screen, first put it on a soft cloth and then apply to the screen. Spraying water or other solutions directly onto the screen may cause them to run inside of the television.

  • Never use any chemicals on the screen – even something as mild as Windex may damage the coatings on the screen. Water only – period.

  • Never use a paper-towel or other abrasive cloth to wipe the screen. While paper towels feel soft to the touch, the fibers in them are much too rigid and will scratch the screen.

  • Never apply any pressure to the screen when you are cleaning it – a light wipe only. Applying pressure may damage the crystals in the screen that display the picture.

  • Always turn off and unplug the television prior to cleaning it to avoid damaging the equipment or shocking yourself.

And now the “DO’S”:

  • Clean the screen only with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to choose one with a tight weave that is designed for cleaning glass or television screens. Ensure that the cloth is clean to avoid any contaminants scratching the screen. When laundering the cloth, do not use fabric softener as it will cause the cloth the smear your screen.

  • If there is spotting on the screen that the cloth alone will not remove, dampen the cloth with water, then wipe the spot. Remember to wipe very lightly. Dry the spot once it is clean to avoid streaking.

It seems there is a flat panel television in about every room of the home these days. Hopefully these tips will help you to keep them clean and ready to view!

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