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Cleaning RangeChoosing a home services company is a difficult task – finding an organization that will respect your home and your belongings, be on time, reliable and affordable is no small feat. Doing this again and again for a house cleaning service, pool service and more can be an especially daunting task. House Spouse understands this and from day one has set out to make our clients lives easier by offering solutions for all of your homes regular maintenance needs and promising great service at a great price.

House Spouse offers a core of basic home services including house cleaning, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and pool service at very affordable rates.

By combining your routine home care needs into a single service provider, you can be confident that our high quality standards and fair pricing will save you time, money and hassle.

House Spouse Satisfaction GuaranteedAt House Spouse our goal is to make your life easier. To give you more time to spend with family and friends. More time to spend at the ballpark with the kids or in the backyard truly enjoying your home, rather than maintaining it. In addition to our core services of house cleaning and pool care, we offer concierge services to serve additional needs that you may have, such as laundry or pet care.

House Spouse utilizes a personal relationship approach. We assign only one ‘Spouse’ to service your home – rather than a team of different individuals with each service. You will get to know your Spouse and they will get to know you and your preferences.

Green ProductsHouse Spouse recognizes that many of today’s leading cleaning agents are harmful substances both to living beings and to our environment.  Harsh chemicals are not good for your family and can aggravate existing health conditions. At House Spouse, we have a green cleaning model and use our own specially formulated green cleaning supplies that are easier on both the environment and your health.

We also believe that someone else’s filth isn’t your problem! That is why at House Spouse, every cleaning begins with a sanitary cleaning pack. The same sponge, mop, towel or other cleaning tools will never be used in your home unless it is either sanitized or replaced. We agree with you, it is simply disgusting to bring someone else’s mess into your home.

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